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August 20 2017

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Chicken Basketball

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when the season’s grain yield is good and your family can afford a loaf of bread this week

the comment section is a gift 

youtube comments: not always a mistake.

btw the video is unlisted so here is the source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2cEV2c2zh8#t=22m00s

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I think the point is that you're being spoon-fed a narrative by people that obviously have an agenda
For all we know she could have been a total cunt to her clients. Wouldn't be the first, nor the last time a feminist is oblivious to her own obnoxiousness. The rest of us isn't surprised why she "has it harder". Allegedly, that is. 
Bottom line, this is not convincing to non-feminists and only serves as validation for people that already are feminists. It's the equivalent of swaying atheists with anecdotes of spiritual apparitions and weeping statues.
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August 19 2017

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yeah, i mean it's just roads. if i don't like the road from one private owner (because he charges high tolls or doesn't keep them in good shape or whatnot) i can always use another road from a competitor
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meanwhile in ancapistan
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I met a lot of ukrainians imigrants because of my work (there is a lot of them in building industry) and I can confirm - they work hard. There are some problems with them on the cultural ground but this is completely different story.
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Antifa protesters in Boston singing "If you are a nazi and you are fired that's your foulty"

I mean, it's not illegal to dox somebody to his employ for taking part in manifestation, some may even argue that if someone is politician, journalist, teacher (slippery slope much) it's even morally right but look at those smug bastards... I'm actually and unironically disgusted. 
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>people like kelu may think you are on another road, but you are just 10 years behind. 
You may be right, but I still like to believe we have a fighting chance. 75% of polled Poles (ha) would like to ban Mussies from coming into the country. We have a relatively high church attendance. Nationalism and conservatism seem to be on the rise, while leftism doesn't have much of a foothold outside the particularly degenerate parts of the middle class. I've attended the uni for a liberal arts degree and the professors were almost all conservatives, there was no poz in sight (granted, that was a few years ago, but I doubt the "academic concrete" would cede much ground since then). Disdain for leftism and communism is very much alive in the folk and many correctly associate the above plagues with shylocks, hence antisemitism doesn't hold that much stigma here as in the West (older generations who suffered under the initial, thoroughly Jewish, communist occupation like to use the term "żydokomuna" to describe that system and its remnants, literally translating to "judeocommunism"). But yeah, we have loads of problems that may contribute to our downfall. The economy is slowly recovering, but it's still backwards as fuck. Industry never recovered after the (((neoliberal))) rape of the 90s. Two generations of communism selected against personal agency. Shylocks and their useful idiots are working around the clock trying to inject the poz into the society wherever they can. EU is not satisfied with the prevalent Polish nationalism. Kremlin would like to drive us back into its sphere of influence along with other former commie states. US ZOG seems to think that Poland would be a perfect field of battle against Russkies for some reason. Either way, XXI century will have real nasty shit in store for most first world countries, but at the moment we seem to have a better starting position than many. I don't hate centrists like @Ubik yet, but I wish they would recognize that trouble is coming and time for pretty individualistic, humanist ideals is coming to an end. You can either fall in with the collectivists who want to preserve your tribe or get bikelocked by the collectivists who want mudskins to take over your home.
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But - is there good software to animate for it? This is why I often emphasize distinguishing between the Flash browser plugin and the Flash creation software - the former is garbage, the latter pretty excellent, at least for pure vector animation. Animators can draw frames, not code in JS, and this is arguably my biggest complaint about abolishing Flash in favor of SVG animation, even though I can see the reasons for it. But thanks for the information, at least the basic framework seems capable of outputting nice animations.
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